This is the current track plan. Although all the track is now laid, some 'non railway' areas may still be subject to change. The fiddle yard is at the same height as the main line on the embankment, while the shed area is 110mm lower. A single track drops down the face of the fiddle yard to allow locos to come on and off shed and to handle the small amount of freight to the warehouse area and coal for the shed. You may note that there are no crossing gates shown at the exit from the shed. The crossing is controlled by a flagman, that's his hut opposite the factory.

Up trains arrive in the fiddle yard via a single slip, the loco is released, is turned and then either goes onto one of the short storage tracks, goes on shed or returns to the other end of its train via the short outside track. When leaving, it crosses onto the Down line through the single slip. When it arrives at the other end of the fiddle yard, its journey complete, it repeats the process and is ready to leave on the Up line. The turn tables are hand operated, turnouts are operated by Tortoises.



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