2384, 6848 and 92006

Dean Goods 2384

This loco was originally built for Clinkerford and retained by me when the layout was sold, it being the first etched brass kit that I built. It seemed a shame to leave it in a display cabinet, so here's the story of how it made its way to Worseter:

2384, a venerable Dean Goods, was supposed to go for scrap at the end of 1938, a mere 48 years after she first entered service at Bristol Bath Road. However, it seems she was given a last minute reprieve when Swindon received a telephone call from the shed master at Hereford. They had suffered a series of breakdowns and were looking for a something to fill the gap, so 2384 pottered off from Evesham to Hereford. She was kept busy during the war years and Swindon seem to have forgotten about her. Not long after nationalisation, Hereford sent her over to Worcester for an overhaul and a lick of paint. After another couple of years, she was found to be surplus to requirements at Hereford and was sent down the road to Worseter where she was put to work on menial duties, usually standing in when nothing else was available. By now the poor old girl was worn out and in 1958 she was parked along side the shed at Worseter awaiting disposal. She was still there a year later, perhaps she will still be there when the shed itself closes for good.

It did need a little work; a really good scrub, early BR emblem on the tender and a healthy coating of Railmatch weathered black finished off with a selection of weathering powders. A shed plate was attached but someone appears to have nicked the smokebox numberplate, although the brackets are still there!


6848 Toddington Grange

This is an amalgamation of a Hornby body and a Malcolm Mitchell chassis. The chassis was built pretty much in line with the instructions but with a Mashima motor and a High Level gearbox. The body had minor alterations before being heavily weathered. More details are available on my Worseter thread on RM Web.


Standard 9F 92006

This time it's a Bachmann body that has undergone treatment, with rather more work being done on the body. A lot of this was to marry it up with a Dave Bradwell chassis. The wheels are the original Bachmann, machined to receive Alan Gibson P4 tyres. Mashima motor mounted vertically in the firebox, driving a High Level gearbox. Again, more on RM Web, following immediately after the details of the Grange on the above link.

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