Mogul 5326

The first of two Malcolm Mitchell kits. The second is only part built at the moment. The loco is powered by a Mashima 1224 motor mounted vertically in the firebox and driving through a High Level Road Runner + gearbox. This is the largest combination that I could squeeze into the space available. Normally I would spot solder the final drive to the main gearbox once the desired angle had been established. However, it needs to remain flexible to slide up into the firebox. The firebox is suitably lined with balsa wood packings to stop the whole thing flopping about! The wheels are Ultrascale.The loco is heavily weathered to represent the state that many of these locos were in the late 1950's when their days were numbered

This model was started over fifteen years ago when I was working overseas and I'm afraid I did not take any progress photos at the time. I finally got around to finishing it over the winter of 2013/4.


5326 waits alongside the coaling stage with a very empty tender


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