4957 - 5173

4957 Postlip Hall

This loco was built from a Martin Finney kit. An excellent kit, just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong! The loco has Ultrascale wheels driven by a Portescap motor/gearbox. As I built this loco while I was working and living in Saudi Arabia (at which time my painting equipment was in storage), I sent the loco back to the UK to be painted and lined by Ian Rathbone.

Postlip Hall was chosen not because the loco was based in the area but because the building after which it was named is local and on one of my favourite walks!


Large Prairie 5173

Another Martin Finney kit. I had quite a few problems with the rear radial axle on this one, keeping the wheels on the track was a nightmare when travelling bunker first! The eventual solution was to remove the horizontal control wire and fit spring wires bearing on the beam axle at each end. These were adjusted to give the maximum load on the axle while maintaining the load on the rear driving wheels. As the wheels were also shorting out on curved track, insulation tape was applied to the chassis where appropriate.The loco has Ultrascale wheels driven by a Portescap motor/gearbox. I painted and weathered this loco myself.

This Prairie tank which started life as 6154 was an Oxford loco and the model was originally built to run on the Glevum Group's Brinkley layout. It was renumbered 5173 (a Gloucester loco) in keeping with its new home on Worcester. It received another layer of grime at the same time as suited a loco overdue for a major overhaul.

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